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satal and his family live in the district of jumla in a town called micha.  satal grew up in a hindu home and was an only son.  when a local pastor narayan neupani came to share visit his family and share the gospel satal felt an intense hatred towards christianity.

satal worked as a mason and was exposed once more to the gospel when building a school in a place called rinigau.  the chief district officer was coming for the school opening ceremony and satal knew that he would be offered "the tika" as a sign of honor for his work.  for some reason thought to himself, "why should i accept this sign of blessing from the gods".   when his turn came to receive the "tika" from the cdo, satal told him that he would not accept it.  the cdo asked satal "why not?" and before he could think to deeply on the answer he said, "because i am a chrisitan". 

when he returned home he found out that his wife bina shoka had secretly been a christian for some time.  in 2007 satal became one of the first students at the christia jyoti training school.  satal has started many churches in the past 14 years across nepal.  he is now running three churches in his home district.  one church is run in his home town of micha, one church has been started in the main city of jumla and last year one new church has been started in depalgau.

  satal's support level has been approximately 150 can $.  we are praying to be able to raise 175 can$ for him and his family in the future.  if you would like to help in this church planting effort please see the links bellow.   

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full time jobs near me 50k

 michael sharma is born in a very active hindu family in the district of jumla. michaels whole family were very passionate about their religion but michaels zeal surpassed them all. michael and his wife jaya luxmi have two children, shalom is 10 years old and shalomi is 5 years old.

in 2012 when he was studying to be a construction overseer in the city of jumla his younger brother devnarayan, who was planting a church in the district of kalikot, came to visit him. his brother asked if michael and his wife would want to watch a christian movie called ,�the passion of the christ� and they both agreed. once the movie was over, michael stepped out to go to the bathroom and at his return he heard his wife telling his brother about her fear of him. michael thought to himself, �if the creator god understood our problems and came down on earth to take away our pain should i not try to understand the pain of my wife?�. michael then walked into the room and devnarayan led him into a prayer to accept jesus as his lord and savior.

as soon as he took this big step a lot of problems arose in his life. michael was sure that all the problems he was facing came because he abandoned the gods of his father and he decided to denounce christ. as he was about to take this step god gave him this following verse: hebrews 12:6 6 because the lord disciplines the one he loves,?    and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.� michael then understood that although life as a christian would not be easy god was watching out for him and training him. he remembered the training that police officers go through in order to be useful in their future jobs and he trusted that god was preparing him to be a fruitful person.

after leaving school michael faced a very hard decision, he had a great debt to pay to his older brother who had paid for his education but he felt that god was leading him to go to bible school. to make things even worse his older brother had found a job for him! his wife and him decided to sale some of their processions and go to bible school instead of pursuing a stable job. after finishing his bible training at christia jyoti bible school he returned home not knowing how he would repay his debts.

not only did he not have a job but they were completely out of food because they had been away from home for so long. one night after not eating his wife and him cried out to god while their son was sleeping. michaels older brother offered a job to him once more but they felt that god was leading them to ministry. with the last bit of money his wife had hid away michael traveled to a district further south and eventually was able to get some support from campus crusade. although he had very little money all the villagers spread rumors that he was making lots of �dollars�. they continued their work in their village and god brought along partners to help them out financially.

?michael and his wife have started a school in their home town and are running 3 separate churches in their area. the school has been a great outreach into the community but it has also brought about some financial burdens for their family. please pray for this family as they keep on serving their community both in a physical and spiritual sense.

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pastor gagan and his wife have 4 children and live in the district of jumla in a place called raka. gagan lived the life of a thug, lying, cheating, stealing, drinking and fighting was part of his daily life.

when he was still fairly young one of gagan�s brothers died. his mother cried herself to the point of sickness, she lost most of her ability to see. because of her grief his mother was contemplating suicide.

?when pastor satal and narayan came to his home to share the gospel with him, gagan was downstairs drinking as usual. he wondered why these men had come to tell him about things he had never heard about before and that he could barely understand. they asked him if they could pray for his mother and of course he agreed.

satal and narayan asked him to come to church with them and as he sat in church smoking for hours he started getting uncomfortable. he thought to himself that he should never have entered the church. �now that i have come, i might as well become a christian� he thought. after church was over the pastors led him in a prayer of repentance and submission to god.

soon most of his family were christians and his mother was healed. matt 11:28 was a reality for him and his family. matthew 11:28 28 �come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest.

gagan attended bible school for a few months. he was one of the only students that could barely read or write and was always behind everyone else. when everyone was asleep he would go up to the roof and pray that god may help him. when it came time to speak gagan was no longer behind everyone, he was ready and able to speak at any time.

his teachers bought clothes for him and taught him how to ride a bike. one day he was able to sing in a talent show and came in second. he soon was back in his home town taking over the church that satal had stared there.

it has been 14 years now since he has been working for the lord. there has been many problems for him on the way but god has allowed him to start 3 sister churches in his area. pastor gagan is thankful to god for providing strength and courage as he continues his ministry.

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full time jobs near me 50k

john sharma is the brother of michael and devnarayan.  like his brothers john was a devout hindu and he was chosen as a priest in his home village.  when devnarayan first became a christian john and his other two brothers quickly kicked him out of their family and would not allow him to come home.

while john was working as a government contractor in humla and helping to pay for michaels schooling in jumla michael and his wife gave their lives to christ.  not only did michael become a christian but he turned down a job in kalikot to go to bible school.  needles to say both john and his older brother were furious.   once michael returned home they ostracized him and only allowed him to live in a small room in one of their homes.

one morning while john was back visiting his family he heard his brother michael and his wife crying out early in the morning.  john approached the room to find his brother and sister in law praying for him with tears.  this scene was more than he could bear, john realized the love that his brothers had for him and that they could not go on with the disunity of the past few years.  john talked to his older brother and they decided to accept jesus as their savior and lord.

when john returned to his job in humla he slipped back into his old habit of drinking and gambling with his friends.   one night he returned home ashamed of himself and cried out to god for help.  after holding his ears and rising and sitting repeatedly as a sign of repentance (ut bas) john decided that he would quit his job immediately as he knew he could not change with his old friends around.  

like his brothers john went to bible school and is now a missionary in the district of jajarkot in the village of maina.  

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