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in 2020 pastor satal has started a new church plant in the village of depalgau, jumla.    the local church members provided land and labor to build a new church building.  with the help of our partners in france, "radicale aventure" and "" we were able to provide money for the construction of the church.    

any part time job vacancy near me

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any part time job vacancy near me

apaar anugrah mandali is located in bangand kupinde municipality -06, kanrakot, salyan. this church is a daughter church of anugrah mandali mehelkuna. there were no believers at that village, before the evangelism team of anugrah church mehelkuna went there in 2017. the team evangelized the whole village but no one accepted jesus christ that time.

but later one year, two families called the leaders of anugrah mandali and accepted jesus christ as the lord and saviour of their life. then, the fellowship was started on 4th december 2018 with two families where 1 child, 5 youths and 9 adults. the god has been doing tremendous work through his people in this village so that day by day the church has been growing. today there are 18 families where 20 children are in sunday school, 15 are youths and 46 are adults and old people. as a total there are 81 believers in this church where 26 are baptized. currently, there 61 believers have been meeting for the fellowship because 20 believers are not in home, they are in india and doing work for their family survival.

now two graduates of christiya jyoti training school, gumi have been doing ministry there. these two graduates are father and son. the father top bhadur pun is a main leader of this church who graduated on 11 april 2021 and his son nimraj pun was graduated on april 2020. he is also a leader and has been helping in sunday school, house fellowship and the main service.

the yari families (hiralal yari, om yari and other yari brothers) donated the land for the church. the believers here have been praying for the church building because it�s been very cramped for the believers to gather inside room for the fellowship. but god answered their payer in last month, so soon children rescue mission nepal will be helping them to construct the church building. as already mentioned that the people are very poor in this place they have to india to earn money and this place is remote area.

despite of his challenges, bahadur pun is a fulltime and volunteer leader of that church because the church income is very less and the church could not support him. so that if we able to help top bahadur pun through providing a monthly support, it will be a great assist him to devote him more effectively. some glimpse of the believers of this church;

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